Montenegro is a mountainous country with no motorways. The first highway is under construction, and it is expected that the road from Podgorica to Kolasin will be opened by the end of 2019. All main roads are mostly curvy two-way routes, all the time up and down through mountains. All taxi transfers starting from Podgorica airport to any city in Montenegro are performed on such routes.

During the summer, journeys are really beautiful and passengers enjoy the full beauty of Montenegrin mountains, but during the winter it can be a completely different story.

Traveling from Podgorica airport in direction of coast, you will be in big advantage comparing with the trips to the north of Montenegro. Thanks to Sozina tunnel, that almost connects the shores of Skadar Lake and Adriatic Sea near the small town of Sutomore, you avoid all mountain roads. The tunnel is more than four kilometers long and has been in use since 2005th. Although snowfall in the south of Montenegro is quite rare, road routes across Cetinje and Pastrovacka Mountain know to be very problematic. But Sozina tunnel solved almost all the problems of taxi transfers from Podgorica airport towards the Montenegrin coast in winter time.

Unlike the south of Montenegro, rides to the north can be quite difficult. The roads from Podgorica towards the north lead in two directions. One is towards Kolasin, Bijelo Polje and further towards Serbia and Kosovo, and the other towards Niksic and further towards Bosnia and Herzegovina. The direction towards Kolasin is especially frequent, due to the heavy truck traffic. Using this route, you have to go through the Moraca river canyon, but building a motorway in Montenegro, we expect that by the end of 2020, the journey will be much more comfortable and safer. Driving from Podgorica airport to Kolašin during winter is a necessity for a large number of tourists, because Kolasin is a well-known ski resort in Montenegro.

Transfers from Podgorica to Niksic and further north in the direction of Zabljak, Trebinje and Sarajevo may be more problematic. The road is at a higher altitude and has much more snowfall. Žabljak is the most famous winter resort in Montenegro and there are many tourists staying here during the winter. The roads are generally well maintained, especially towards Zabljak, but it happens that due to sudden and abundant precipitation they will be closed for a few hours. Winter service and snowshoes work 24 hours a day, but great altitude is very unpredictable, especially when the snow is followed by the wind that creates caves and avalanches. There is much more difficult situation in the direction of Sarajevo, especially on the section from Pluzine to the border crossing Scepan Polje. The road leads along the Piva Lake and is very subject to landslides and avalanches. This route can be closed even for a couple of days, and the alternative for passengers going towards Sarajevo is the route through Trebinje and Mostar, which is longer than 120 kilometers.

All our vehicles are fully equipped with winter equipment that is necessary for safe airport transfers during the winter. All four winter tires are required, and in all vehicles, there are chains for snow in case of need. Prior to each trip, drivers check the status of the roads by calling the unique number 19807 of auto moto association of Montenegro. In the case of any delay or suspension of traffic on the section which you are traveling, you will be notified by our dispatch service. It is best to contact us one day before your trip if you want to know the real situation on the roads to the north of Montenegro.