Geographically, Montenegro has a land border with five countries. These are Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. With all these there is good traffic connectivity, and of course border crossings.


Border Crossings Montenegro – Croatia

Between Montenegro and Croatia there are two border crossings. The biggest and the most important is check point “Debeli Brijeg”. It belongs to Herceg Novi municipality, and it is located just 12 kilometers from city center. Another place where you can cross the border between Montenegro and Croatia is “Konfin” crossing. This border has been temporary for the past few years, and only works during the summer months.

Border Crossings Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Sitnica” border crossing is located on the Herceg Novi - Trebinje road. If you are traveling this route, just to know that there is a toll on the part of the road from Herceg Novi to the border in the amount of three euros.

“Ilino Brdo” check point between Montenegro and Bosnia is the most frequent for passengers and cargo transportation. It is on the way from Niksic to Trebinje. It is located 40 kilometers from Niksic, traveling by magnificent scenic road.

“Vracenovici” is small village and a place you need to pass if you are traveling from Niksic to Bosnian city Bileca. This path further takes you towards the Croatian Highway and towards Western Europe.

“Scepan Polje” border line Montenegro – Bosnia is on the main magistral road from Niksic to Foca in Bosnia. It is also a road which connect two capitals; Podgorica and Sarajevo.

“Metaljka” cross point is between Pljevlja and Gorazde. It is not so frequent, and mostly in use for local population. Also, good alternative to avoid big summer rush.


Border Crossings Montenegro – Serbia

“Jabuka” is check point between Pljevlja and Brodarevo. It has more of a local character, and is not much burdened with traffic.

“Dobrakovo” is the biggest and the most important border line between Montenegro and Serbia. More than half of passenger and freight traffic is via this crossing. During the summer months, border checks can be several hours.

“Dracenovac” border crossing is located on the main road Rozaje - Novi Pazar. It is also very busy all year around. It connects all routes to the south and east of Serbia.


Check Point Between Montenegro and Kosovo

Traveling from Montenegro to Kosovo, there is just one place where you can cross the border. It is checkpoint “Kula”, on the road from Rozaje to Peja. It is open during all year, but in winter there is a lot of snow and ice, because of its position high in mountains.


Check Points Montenegro to Albania

“Sukobin” is the most frequent border between Montenegro and Albania during summer months. It connects coastal city Ulcinj with Shkoder.

“Bozaj” is border you must pass traveling from Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, towards Albania. it is the busiest checkpoint, equally in use for passenger and freight transportation.