Uber taxi Popularity of Uber taxi in the world is quite large, but Uber taxi in Podgorica and across Montenegro is not available. Providing our transportation service, and meeting a people from all around the world, we realize that many of them were interested for Uber taxi service from airport Podgorica. There are several reasons why it does not exist, but the main is because traffic law in Montenegro does not allow it. For each mode of public transport in Montenegro, private entrepreneur or company registered for that activity, must have a license.

To provide taxi from airport Podgorica, or any other transportation in Montenegro, valid license is just one which is issued by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs. For taxi transport in Montenegro there are two ways of functioning. There are registered commercial entrepreneurs - taxi drivers, and taxi companies. Private entrepreneurs are all professionals, and they have their own taxi license. In the case of the taxi companies, only the owner of association has a license, and drivers need only a driver's license. Since the business of Uber taxi is based on other principles, it is not in accordance with the law in Montenegro.


What is actually Uber taxi?

Installed applications on the mobile phone, in fact nothing more. Using the application on your phone, you are sending your location and where you are traveling, and driver comes to pick you up with his private car. The application is only an intermediary between the people who need cheap transportation, and the people who has a car and want to make some money.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I do not know what to say, but judging how things are now, Taxi Uber at Podgorica airport will be unavailable for some time. Not only in Montenegro, other Balkan countries - Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia... are also without Uber service. Probably because all ex Yugoslavian countries has a similar law. Also to mention, that the owners of the application are making a money taking a percentage from the drivers, which are performing transportation. Given that the regular taxi in Montenegro is quite cheap, the question is whether the Uber is interested making a business here.

Uber or Taxi

Unlike the other cities of Europe, and even the Balkans, taxi drivers are protected against short rides by high start tariff. Unfortunately, in Podgorica and in almost all other Montenegro cities, there is no start tarif (with exception of coastal cities, during the summer season). Podgorica, as the biggest city in Montenegro, has a diameter of 6-7 kilometers, and Uber taxi probably didn't found the reason to even try to activate their service. It is truth that Montenegro visit more than million tourists every year, but domestic population is just six hundred thousand citizens.

However, I think that you will not have the opportunity to see soon Uber taxi on the streets of Budva, Kotor, Podgorica, Tivat, Ulcinj, Bar etc…

In fact, to be honest, you do not even need it. Using our Taxi service from Podgorica airport, you will have high level of comfort and safety by low rates, what is incomparable with any Uber offer.

If you don't believe, it is easy to check. Just take a look a price list at our website, and use Google Maps to calculate the distance from your pick up point and desired destination. For example, our taxi ride from airport Podgorica to Budva cost 40 euros, and distance is about 65 kilometers. Including route from the city to the airport, our vehicle will pass more than 75 km, and charge you about 0.60 euros per kilometer. Do you see any reason for existence of Uber taxi at Podgorica airport? Frankly, we think that Uber service in Montenegro is redundant.