Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, is more administrative than a tourist center. As such, it is more a meeting place for business people than for tourists. Anyway, a taxi in Podgorica is widely used not only for airport transfers, but also for a small sightseeing tours and excursions through Podgorica and surrounding area. Unfortunately Podgorica has not a lot to offer to history lovers, because during World War Two it was completely destroyed city. Little remains of Nemanjića city, located close to the city center and remains of Doclea, which

belongs to Roman period, are among the oldest monuments in Podgorica. But however, if you are interesting in sightseeing tour in Podgorica, our taxi Podgorica Airport drivers will be more than happy to show you all symbols of Podgorica.

In a just two-three hours you can afford nice and relaxed city tour through Podgorica and closer region. Your free afternoon, or a couple of hours before your plane take off, will be quite enough to see at least some of the city attractions.

What to see during Podgorica city tour

Here we will sort some of the attractions you can see during the Podgorica sightseeing tour. Our taxi drivers can pick you up at any place in Podgorica or at Podgorica airport and provide you with pleasent and cheap tourist tour in Podgorica.

Church of St. George is one of the oldest monuments in Podgorica. It is difficult to say for a sure when it was built, but it encourages between the ninth and eleventh century. It is located just a few hundred meters from the main square, at the foot of the hill Gorica, and it can be reached by walk. Unfortunately, due to the turbulent Montenegrin history this church has not been preserved in its original form, because it was destroyed several times by various invaders, and again reconstructed.

Milenium bridge connect banks of Moraca river, which share Podgorica on two sides. Milenium Bridge in Podgorica is almost 180 meters long, and it was opened to traffic in July 2005. Why is a bridge symbol of the city and one of Podgorica attractions? Because all the other bridges are built on the principle pillars and/or concrete arches, and this bridge is the only one in Montenegro that hangs on the ropes. The height of the pylon carrying the cables is almost 60 meters, and that is a reason why it is included in Podgorica city tour.

Duklja – Roman name Doclea, today it is only remains of the old city which is located about three kilometers from the city center. The Romans in the first century AD conquered this city from the Illyrians and founded the modern center of the Roman province Prevalis. City during that time was very modern, with its urban infrastructure. The city is at its peak numbered more than 10,000 inhabitants, and it was destroyed by a major earthquake in the sixth century. After that the Avars and Slavs take control of Duklja, a name retained until the tenth century.

Temple of the Resurrection of Christ is simply unavoidable attraction during sightseeing tour in Podgorica. This monument of the Orthodox Church in Montenegro is located in the part of the city known as Preko Morace, near the few famous hotels. Construction of the temple lasted for more than twenty years, and one of the main features of this sacred building is 11-ton church bell. The interior is richly decorated with frescoes on a golden background and with mosaics.

Wine cellar Sipcanik is founded by the national wine and brandy company Plantaze. It is located about 8-9 kilometers from the city center, which for lovers of good wine is not far away. The wine cellar is located in the hill Šipčanik, on the site of a former underground military airport. Here you can taste premium red and white wines, and we definitely recommend red wine Prokorden. If you want to include this attraction in your excursion in Podgorica, please inform us to book a visit for you.

Skadar Lake National Park is fourth the biggest natural lake in Europe, and it is located about thirty kilometers from the city center. This national park is unique because of his flora and fauna. There is more than two hundreds rare bird species. In order to see the lake and enjoy its natural beauty, you have to take a boat tour. If you want to include a visit to Skadar Lake in your sightseeing tour around Podgorica, please inform us in advance. Boat tour on Skadar Lake takes about two hours, and price for that is not included in our Podgorica tourist tour price.

There is a many options to explore one city, but different people has different interests. Because of that reason we don't have some unique scheme exploring Podgorica city in tourist tours and excursions. Some tourists are interested to sit in a taxi directly at the airport of Podgorica and first to get to know the city of Podgorica, and then to go to their hotel, or to some other destination.

However, whatever you want to see in Podgorica and surrounding area, national restaurants, shopping malls, natural landscapes, historical monuments or any other point of your interest, please contact us to organize your sightseeing tour through Podgorica and the region you want to explore.