Every trip has its own charms. Every trip, whether it's business or private, is one new experience, and you always you are back with new memories. But unfortunately, sometimes some unforeseen things happen. Thanks to staff and airport workers at the airports all around the world, every day thousands of bags do not arrive at their destination together with their owners. 

This is one of the most unpleasant things that can happen to you, no matter what is the purpose of the trip. Whether they lost your outfit for a business meeting or beach equipment, this can be a big problem, on which naturally you did not count planning a trip. This usually happens to passengers who have changed several flights and airports before landing in Podgorica. But providing taxi transfers from airport Podgorica, lost luggage delivery is also a part of our job.



Lost LuggageLike at all other airports, at Podgorica airport there is a lost and found office. If your luggage is not on the line that is scheduled for your flight, wait until the end, because of possible crowds and landing multiple planes at once. If, however, your luggage did not arrive at Podgorica airport, you must make the report. The lost and found luggage office is located right in your incoming lobby, and you need to fill in a couple of forms. You must leave your address where you are accommodated in Montenegro, as well as the copy of your passport and phone number. Podgorica Airport does not deliver lost luggage, it is within the jurisdiction of the airline with which you have flown.


Usually your stuff will come with the first next flight from that destination, but it is not always guaranteed. When your things arrive at Podgorica Airport, in the office lost and found they will be taken by a service that has a contract with the airline company you used and delivered to you the next day.


Luggage DeliveryIf you want to speed up the situation a bit, our airport Podgorica taxi service can help you. Of course this implies from the moment when your baggage arrives at the airport. Lost luggage delivery from the airport of Podgorica is something we are providing pretty often. How to implement this service? It's very simple. You must send us a copy of the report you made when registering lost luggage at the airport Podgorica as well as a copy of your passport. This service is not charged at any extra cost, you only pay a standard fare from Podgorica airport to the place where you are located.


It is important to emphasize that we can provide this service only when your luggage has already arrived in lost and found office at Podgorica airport, we do not have the ability to speed up the delivery of your luggage from the place where it is lost.

How this helps you, and how much money actually you will save using this service. First of all, you will definitely save your time, and of course you will not pay taxi twice. We guarantee that when your lost baggage arrive at Podgorica airport it will be delivered by our taxi service as soon as possible. In order to successfully take over your luggage, we must show to the airport staff that we are authorized to take your luggage. You can make the scan of your passport or you can make the picture by mobile phone and attach it in email. Also picture of the report from the lost and found office is enough to successfully provide the job. If you are housed in Kotor, you must come to Podgorica Airport to take your things, and after you pick it up you have to return back to Kotor. In the case you arrange the delivery with us, you will pay just regular taxi price for transportation from Podgorica airport to Kotor - 55 euros without any surcharge for taking your luggage.