Montenegro has long been recognized as an excellent tourist destination. Unfortunately, since it had been a part of Yugoslavia for several decades, as a republic, since its independence in May 2006 the name Montenegro became international. Podgorica Airport is the main airport in Montenegro, and it is located 12 kilometers south of the city center, towards Skadar Lake.


In addition to taxi transfers from Podgorica airport, a large number of tourists decide to rent a vehicle at the airport Podgorica. Our taxi association allows you only one form of this type of traveling, which is the ability to rent a car exclusively with the driver. This mainly relates to VIP passenger transport services, luxury limousines such as the Mercedes S Class and the Audi A8. A classic form of car hire service at Podgorica airport unfortunately we do not have available. For our clients we are able to recommend some agencies where you can get the most favorable conditions, especially during the peak of the tourist season. If you have not booked the vehicle on time, you are very often convicted of using taxi services from the airport to the center of Podgorica or some other destination.


At the airport you can find local companies from Montenegro, as well as international brands. If you want to book online, then you can also find intermediary agencies that usually co-operate with local companies, but charge a commission. Some of the local car rentals agencies that operate at the airport Podgorica:


MONTENEGRO TRAVEL COMPANY is small family car rental business in Podgorica. They have several types of different vehicles in their offer. Also they have a reputation of honest and very kind entrepreneurs. So if you need car rental at airport Podgorica use . According to the experience of clients who have already used their services, you will be satisfied.


ROKSPED is a company that rents mainly cars of the Volkswagen brand. In their offer you can find almost all models, VW UP, VW Polo, VW Golf, and VW Passat. This company is also an importer and distributor of VV cars for Montenegro.


MERIDIAN is an agency that offers exclusively all categories of Hyundai vehicles. Starting from small city cars; Hyundai I10, Hyundai I20 to the big jeeps like Hyundai Tucson and Hyundai Santa Fe. Also, the Hyundai H-1 with eight seats is available on request.


DELTA CAR is also a local company from Montenegro, a family business for several years. They offer different types of cars that can be rented at Podgorica airport, but mainly smaller city cars. If you want some of the larger cars, here you can book Ford Galaxy, Opel Zafira, Skoda Octavia, Suzuki Vitara and Jeep Patriot.


If you are more interested in an international agency, they are also available in Podgorica. Mostly they have small offices in the airport hall, before the main exit doors. You can reserve a car from the following providers: Europcar, Sixt, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise and so on ... The rules and conditions for renting cars in Montenegro are mostly the same as everywhere in Europe. There are small differences, depending on the agency. Differences are mainly related to the price, insurance and limits in kilometers.


Special attention should be given to whether the agency where you want to reserve a vehicle is a real rent a car company in Podgorica Montenegro, which is a provider, or just a or an intermediary service. Why is this important? Because intermediary agencies have contracts with local companies and charge a percentage of them. This means that if you contact directly a local company in Montenegro, you will get a lower rental price. How to identify intermediaries? They mostly pay ads directly to Google, and their sites are at the top of search results. They cover almost all countries in the world, and their advertising budgets are very high. Local companies cannot follow them in that way.