Holidays should give us the time when we need to be relieved of all the worries and problems. However, a large number of our taxi drivers who are providing transfers from Podgorica airport have heard about the problems of clients who have pets. Who does not like the animals, he does not like the people, and they say so.


My PetsA large number of people have different pets that they care about as equal members of the family. But what to do when you need to go on a holiday. Shall you leave them with friends, relatives, or entrust them to special institutions known as boarding-house hotels for pets. In general, when talking about pets, in this text we mean only on cats and dogs, as the most common animals that owners want to take with them on a journey. Pets transportation by taxi cars from Podgorica airport or anywhere else in the territory of Montenegro is a matter that is not very clearly defined by law, and is mostly a matter of agreement.


The law stipulates that only blind people can travel with official guide dog into public transport vehicles, but here the bus and train are generally considered. You must admit that to put a Retriever or Labrador into a taxi car is something that most drivers will not be comfortable with.

If you want to transport your pet from Podgorica airport and to travel using our company, you need to know certain terms and conditions. First of all, this type of journey must be announced in advance. Please avoid possible complications that may arise if you appear at the airport with your pet, and you have not emphasized it in your request. Do not be surprised if a taxi driver refuses to drive you with your cat or dog. There are several reasons for this. At first place because there is a plenty of people with allergies on cat or dog hair. The other reason is because during the summer there is huge heat in Montenegro, and people simply disturb the smell of your dog or cat in the car.


Proper Pet Taxi Transport PodgoricaIf you want to schedule pet taxi in Montenegro for a ride from/to Podgorica airport please be informed that in that purpose we are using station wagon cars. Pets are accommodated in a car trunk, but not really totally isolated from you. Your animal will have proper cooling or heating like all passengers inside the vehicle. All animals must be in their cages for transport. In the case that your animal is released from the box, and makes any damage to the vehicle, you are obliged to compensate for the damage your pet has made. If you need any kind of short stop on the journey, due to the needs of your pet, it is free of charge. Of course, there are a lot of different kinds of pets, but this article is mostly oriented to the owners of cats and dogs. If you have any other kind of pet, please inform us about that. Transport of parrots, lizards and similar animals is also possible, but of course only in the cages intended for transportation purpose.


Also, one important note, the price of transporting pets from Podgorica airport in Montenegro is not equal to the standard price of taxi services. The price is at least 25 percent higher than the standard transfer cost.