Welcome to book a ride by taxi from Podgorica airport to Tirana city or airport. We do not charge any reservation fee. Registration on the site is not required, you don’t need your credit card. We are local chauffeurs, and our service is quite cheap. Transportation from airport Podgorica to Tirana city by taxi at the price of 150 Euros, and to Tirana airport 130 Euros, cost at least 30% less than with operators located in front of the main building. All payment will be provided to driver when you arrive to desired location. Price applies for the car which can easily transport even four passengers in maximum comfort. Our higher-class cabs Audi, Mercedes and VW models will provide you with pleasant journey.

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How much taxi cost from Podgorica airport to Tirana airport? Price for this transport is 130 Euros with all taxes. Mentioned price is also for the comfort class vehicle capacity 1-4 traveler. If you are flying from the capital of Albania, please inform us about the exact flight time. From May until the end of September there are increased crowds at the borders, and we will propose the best departure time. Transfer from Podgorica airport to Tirana airport takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes. This is the real duration of the journey, but the rush at the check point can extend it in an hour.


How to Schedule Transfer from Podgorica to Tirana

In order to complete your reservation, following information are required. If you are traveling from the city, we need a precise address, number of passengers and pick up time. If you are arriving by plane, the date, time, and flight number are required. To let us know about all this, it's best to use our online form. Taxi Podgorica Tirana can be easily booked after you provide necessary information. You will get the answer as soon as possible. Contact form is very simple and it does not require any of your personal information, except the email address to which the answer will be sent.

If you prefer to use the phone, our number +382 69 951 961 is available at all times. While booking transportation from the airport in Podgorica to Tirana in Albania, taxi dispatcher will also need same information. You can send all details by SMS, it is mobile phone number. When a reservation is confirmed by us, it is valid until the transfer is completed or canceled by your side. If the journey is from the city of Podgorica to Tirana, driver will wait in front of reception desk, or in front of your apartment / house. If a ride is from the airport, chauffeur will be at your exit with name-sign.


How to Travel from Airport Podgorica to Tirana by Bus

This is a common question we can find on various online forums. Unfortunately, public transport between Montenegro and Albania is not at an enviable level. There are many different reasons for this, but we will not talk about it here. However, if you want to use a bus instead of a taxi ride from Podgorica airport to Tirana, the procedure is as follows. First, you need to ensure your transport to the central bus terminal, located in Trg Golootockih Zrtava street. Going from the airport, this service cost 12 Euros. If you didn’t buy ticket online, you can do it in the main building. Pay attention that Euro is the only one currency you can use here.

Bus ticket for voyage Podgorica – Tirana cost about 20 Euros per person. Larger passenger luggage requires additional costs. For now, there is just one departure daily, at 10,00.h in the morning. It is very unpredictable to say how long the ride takes. It depends on the number of the travelers in the bus, and rush at the border check point. During summer season you can travel even five hours. Backpackers are mostly users of this mode of transport. It is not really convenient for families and business people. Taxi as transfer option from Podgorica airport to Tirana is much better than traveling by bus. And if you look total expenses, for three and four persons together it is almost the same price for the journey. For small surcharge you can get much pleasant trip by comfortable cab and save at least two hours of your time.