Take advantage of our offer and reserve taxi from Podgorica airport to Lustica Bay without credit card. There is no any reservation fee and payment in advance. Book your transportation now and taxi will take you from airport Podgorica to Lustica Bay Chedi hotel, or other apartment, and service will be paid upon arrival. Fixed price of 90 Euros is valid per a car, during all year. Maximum four persons can travel together in one vehicle. There is no luggage fee or extra charge in the case of plane delay. For a larger group we can organize transfer by Minivan from Podgorica Golubovci airport to Lustica Bay and hotel Chedi. This mode of journey cost 140 Euros for maximum 8 travelers. Minivan service must be scheduled 3 days in advance during summer tourist season.

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Your chauffeur will meet you in arrival hall. He will be next to arrival door marked by nameplate.


How to Book Transport from Podgorica Airport to Lustica

There are several booking options at your disposal. The most common is our reservation form at the site. It is very simple designed, just three steps. Enter valid email address, your name/surname and provide arrival information. Please clearly indicate arrival date and time and flight number. Also, we need number of passengers and number / size of your luggage. Your transfer from airport Podgorica to bay of Lustica is booked once you receive confirmation email from us. 

Second option is reservation by phone call or SMS. The dispatcher in the call center speaks fluent English, and of course, native Montenegrin. You can call us at any time, or send us a trip message. You can also send your request using WhatsApp apps. If you need a journey from Hotel Chedi or other apartment in Lustica Bay to Podgorica airport our taxi service will provide that. This trip must be scheduled at least 3 hours in advance.


Shuttle Bus Podgorica to Lustica

Unfortunately, this form of transportation is very complicated. There is no bus at all from Podgorica Airport to Lustica, or even to the city. If you really want to experience this mode of traveling, then follow these instructions. First you have to arrange your trip to central bus station in the city. Than to catch a bus to Kotor or Tivat. Then again to take taxi to Lustica. This ride cost from 20 to 30 Euros, depending on the part of the year. To take taxi directly from Podgorica airport to any place in Lustica bay is not just twice faster, in total it is a cheaper.

Only bigger groups can travel by bus, and that is reasonable. If you have a group traveling, please contact us with all details. We have various types of minivans and buses to answer on any demand. In this case you will have private arrangement, and direct shuttle.