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Reserve online your transportation service, Taxi from Dubrovnik airport - Cilipi to Dubrovnik city or to any resort in Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia. Transfers by flat rates with easy and free of charge online booking. Make reservation today and pay the ride upon arrival to your destination. No credit card required, no reservation fee. Taxi from airport Dubrovnik will be charged by price list which is same all year round. There is no price increase during summer months or any hidden costs.

Transfers from Dubrovnik airport at fair and affordable prices performed by professional chauffeurs. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to make your journey safe, pleasant and comfortable. We can provide priority taxi service for 1-4 and 1-7 passengers. Inexpensive taxi in Dubrovnik Airport for all occasions at any part of the day. Business, private, or simple one-way tourist ride, you can fully count on our support. No extra costs for plane delay and no night tariff. Maximum professional and responsible transport for all clients equally. Check here complete taxi prices from airport Dubrovnik and find your destination before make reservation. All rides are strictly private, only for you and people you are traveling with. You will not share a car with the strangers.


How to Book Taxi Ride from Airport Dubrovnik

Whether you want to make a direct booking or to ask a question, always use our contact form if possible. It is very simple, practical, and it does not require any of your essential personal data. Transportation from Dubrovnik airport can be reserved directly, just follow the steps of the form. Please note that your email address is correct, you will receive the answer which you must confirm. Also, if you have any question about Dubrovnik airport taxi service we performing, you may contact us at any time. We will reply you in the shortest possible period of time.

To call our official phone number at the site is also one of options. You can use English or Croatian language speaking with our dispatcher. If you want to use SMS to schedule your taxi voyage from/to airport of Dubrovnik, no problem. Even free applications like WhatsApp or Viber are available at the same phone number. They have the advantage, especially if you need pick up from address that you are not familiar with. Simply send us a WhatsApp or Viber location, and the problem is solved. Driver will easily find you and provide your transfer from any point to Dubrovnik airport or other desired destination. If you are accommodated in old city, pick up is possible at one of three city gates: Pile, Ploce and Vrata od Buze.


Journeys from Dubrovnik Airport to Montenegro

Given the location, Cilipi are used a lot by travelers who are heading towards Montenegro. Transport from Dubrovnik airport to Budva, Kotor, Podgorica, Tivat, Ulcinj and other destinations in Montenegro is quite often. Just 21 kilometers is a distance from airport Dubrovnik to Debeli Brijeg border crossing. Taxi service is the fastest and most economical in these situations. Depending where you are going to Montenegro, there is also the option of traveling through Bosnia. In this case Montenegrin border crossing Ilino Brdo is check point. How to travel from airport Dubrovnik to Montenegro during summer months? Large crowds at the borders can cause multiple queuing. In such situations probable that the transport will be organized using two vehicles.

One driver will take you to the border, and you will continue the journey with another car waiting for you next to the border line. On this way Dubrovnik taxi service in cooperation with Montenegrin colleagues will provide you with the fastest way of traveling to coastal cities. If you require a ride to Podgorica and cities to the north of Montenegro, procedure is the same, but at another border crossing. This mode of transport saves time and money. We provide optimum price to our customers, according to our capabilities. Taxi airport Dubrovnik to Montenegro out of tourist season is peace of cake. To reach Budva and Kotor it takes about 2 hours and Podgorica about 3 hours. Voyage can take twice less comparing to summer months.


Transfers to Bosnia & Herzegovina

Croatia has the longest border line with Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is one of the reasons why passengers going to Bosnia often use Dubrovnik airport – Cilipi, while traveling. Taxi service to Bosnian city Trebinje and Mostar, Sarajevo is the most common request. More than a hundred aircraft from almost all European countries makes Cilipi as alternative airport number one for all travelers towards southern Bosnia and all Herzegovina. But also, in this case you have to cross the state border. You are leaving European Union and waiting at the border can be for several hours. To take taxi Dubrovnik airport towards Bosnia you have to pass Gornji Brgat / Ivanjica border crossing. There are two check points, one at the exit from Croatia and second one at the entrance to Bosnia.

Very similar like traveling to Montenegro, and here you can expect big traffic jam. Our professional drivers will do anything to avoid multiparty waiting in line at the border, and if necessary, arrange journey with two cars. Transfer starts at Dubrovnik airport to border crossing, where you will not wait in a queue. Your chauffeur will ensure that you’ll arrive at your destination in the shortest period of time. We guarantee that your journey will be hassle-free, comfortable and safe. Using our service, you can reserve a ride to any city in Bosnia. Maximally responsibly and professionally travel to Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Zenica and to other destinations. Whatever is your need, we can manage any task. One-way airport Dubrovnik taxi ride or day excursion, you can fully trust in our years of experience.


Dubrovnik Premium Transport

In order to satisfy the needs of all clients, you have our premium service at your disposal. If you require private ride from Dubrovnik by luxury limo service, welcome to contact us. No matter what the occasion is, a private or business trip, premium vehicles Mercedes S Class or Audi A8 will fully meet all of your criteria. You can easily book only one-way private ride, or rent a vehicle with a driver for one or more days. To travel in style and comfort our Limo service is unparalleled to others. Unlike simple taxi transfers from Dubrovnik airport, booking procedure is a bit different. The price of such vehicles is very high, and their number is limited. The highest number of requests is in June, July and August, and reservation three days in advance is required. For VIP transport from/to Dubrovnik city or airport booking fee of 50% of agreed taxi price must be paid in advance. This type of vehicle is completely non-branded, without any marks or labels. All kinds of special events like wedding celebrations, concerts, corporate meetings or any other occasion you may need, we are at your service.


Minivan Shuttle Service

Family holidays or group trips can cause transport problems. Larger quantities of luggage or more than four passengers in a group require a minivan service. Otherwise, your journey can turn into a nightmare. Cheap taxi from airport in Dubrovnik by minivan can solve all your problems and make your vacation enjoyable from the beginning. Whatever is the reason for this mode of traveling, we can fully satisfy your needs. Our fleet of van vehicles is quite wide. We have minivans from seven to eighteen seats, depending on the wishes and needs of the passengers. Bulky items can be also easily loaded in the trunk of our vans. Dubrovnik city taxi service by minivan to the airport must be booked at least one day in advance, during the season. Please inform us about the exact number of passengers and the amount of luggage. There are special discounts on return trips for excursions and one-day tourist tours for large groups of travelers. Freight vans are a special form of transportation, also available on request. We can perform any taxi service from or to Dubrovnik airport & city in any part of the year.