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How does taxi transport in Montenegro work, who are private entrepreneurs and what are the companies? How to decide which model of transportation is your best option? Is there any significant difference between them? Is there illegal taxi transportation in Podgorica and or in the rest of Montenegro?

Every trip has its own charms. Every trip, whether it's business or private, is one new experience, and you always you are back with new memories. But unfortunately, sometimes some unforeseen things happen. Thanks to staff and airport workers at the airports all around the world, every day thousands of bags do not arrive at their destination together with their owners. 

This article is intended for all passengers who are in dilemma whether to use a bus from Podgorica airport to Kotor or taxi. Since the most tourists is coming to Montenegro for the first time and they are not familiar how buses and taxi services work, we hope that we can simplify things. First of all, direct transport by shuttle bus from airport Podgorica to Kotor doesn't exist! 

Dear customers, at the beginning of this article first we want to clearly indicate what does it mean group transportation. Every transfer more than a four persons is a group transport. We are not familiar with the traffic law in other countries, but for Montenegro we guarantee that every registered taxi vehicle must be 4+1 seats. So it means that only four passengers can travel together in one cab.

As a long-time taxi drivers, meeting people from all around the world, we realized that a lot of times customers are misled when they wanted to reserve transportation from the airport to their destination. We have heard for a lot of different situations, like there is no driver waiting at the airport, excessive charging when passengers arrived at the address, a completely different vehicle class than it is booked and similar.

Read more ...Montenegro as a predominantly mountainous country, has major deficiencies in transport infrastructure, both by road and by rail. The configuration of the terrain and the economic situation in the country, unfortunately does not allow a major advance in the near future, regarding the construction of new railway lines. Currently, the priority of the road infrastructure has started construction of the highway Bar - Boljare.

Read more ...If you intend to organize Seminar, Conference or Congress in Montenegro, in Budva, Podgorica or other city, we can completely put into practice your ideas. As a very important logistic part in the field of transportation, Taxi Podgorica Airport association in a cooperation with our partner Congress Team, can carry out any kind of Corporate Meeting, Roundtable or Workshop, without limits.

Your conference, congress or any kind of bigger group meeting in Montenegro will be organized at the highest possible level, respecting your

Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, is more administrative than a tourist center. As such, it is more a meeting place for business people than for tourists. Anyway, a taxi in Podgorica is widely used not only for airport transfers, but also for a small sightseeing tours and excursions through Podgorica and surrounding area. Unfortunately Podgorica has not a lot to offer to history lovers, because during World War Two it was completely destroyed city. Little remains of Nemanjića city, located close to the city center and remains of Doclea, which

Read more ...Unforeseen circumstances sometimes create the need for some of the things that you thought you will definitely not need on vacation. But you never know. On this page Taxi Podgorica Airport will post some useful phone numbers and information you may need during your stay in Montenegro. Our drivers will be more than happy to help you about all things they know, but sometimes you would need a different kind of help in foreign country, where you don't know local language. Our airport Podgorica taxi drivers can recommend good hotel,

Read more ...As one of the most common journies, ride to Budva Riviera makes almost a third of all transfers from the airport Podgorica. Therefore, it is understandable why a large number of tourists is interesting in a bus transportation from Podgorica airport to Budva, Becici, Rafailovici...

But unfortunately, they are disappointed when they find out that bus transport from airport Podgorica to Budva doesn't exist. But in this article we will try to explain why they should not be disappointed about that. Who needs harassment and ride by bus, when at almost the 

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